PSA Voice Enabled Warehouse

Improving warehouse operational efficiency, accuracy and safety within a streamlined solution may sound unbelievable, but PSA delivers with an integrated Pronto Xi ERP Software solution. Using the latest in voice enabled warehouse technology, PSA has developed PSA VoiceWMS.

PSA integrates Pronto Xi ERP software with Honeywell’s Vocollect Voicelink to create a voice-enabled, hands-free warehouse environment. Through the use of technology, inventory requests are translated from data to voice for operators to action, and on the reverse as each instruction is completed, operator voice confirmation is translated to data and seamlessly updated in Pronto Xi’s Warehouse Management module database. PSA VoiceWMS supports the following inventory requests and movements:

This Warehouse Management solution is exclusive to users of Pronto Xi ERP Software.



PSA VoiceWMS provides the following benefits to Pronto Xi Software customers looking to improve their warehouse operations:

  • Improved warehouse efficiency and accuracy
  • Safer work environment through elimination of user focus on handheld devices
  • Easy to use – reduces training time for warehouse operators
  • Reduced costs – no paper, less equipment
  • Improved warehouse reporting.
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick ROI

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