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Mining ERP
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Pronto Xi Business Intelligence Series | Part 5 – Office Embedded BI

Microsoft Office is an irreplaceable aspect of operating within the modern business world. Every ERP software vendor is cognizant that it can never replace Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word productivity tools as the most used day-to-day software; but what they can do is work collaboratively with these tools to expose extraordinary synergies. IBM Cognos Analytics […]
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Pronto Xi ERP Software Tip! Copying a Pronto Xi ERP Data Grid View between User Accounts

Pronto Xi ERP software users work with data grids to find specific data elements or review lists of data. In some instances filters for these views can be extensive, making it easier to copy a data grid to another user, rather than trying to recreate it. From a logged in user account, you can quickly […]
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Pronto Xi ERP Software Tip! Displaying Prompt Values on a Cognos Report

From within Pronto Xi ERP Software, users have the ability to create IBM Cognos Analytics Reports. Often in these reports, prompts and parameters are used to filter and define the content of the report. In this blog, we will review the steps required in displaying the value entered within a prompt page parameter on the […]
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Pronto Xi Business Intelligence Series | Part 4 – KPIs

Part 4: KPI Management and Workspaces Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management, released in Pronto Xi ERP Software version 740 creates an interactive user workspace in the Pronto Xi noticeboard area using industry standard metrics. The KPI Library is a repository for performance data that can be calculated at user-defined intervals to assist in monitoring business […]
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ERP Software Implementation – A job for your entire operation

The task of implementing or even upgrading ERP software is usually assigned to a dedicated ERP Project Manager or a defined ERP Project Team. This is a great start, as every major project requires leadership and controlled decision making; but what about others in the organization? What about the workers that live and breathe the […]
Pronto Xi Integration with IBM Cognos Reports
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Pronto Xi Business Intelligence Series | Part 3 – Reports

BI Blog Series Continues with Part 4 Now Released! Read the Next Part in the Series: Part 4: Pronto Xi KPI Management and Workspaces now. Click here to view. Or navigate to the bottom of this page to view links to other posts in the series. Part 3: Business Intelligence Reports and the ERP Through […]