ERP Application Development

Atypical processes that provide a business’s competitive edge can be a challenge to emulate with out-of-box ERP software functionality. In these instances, PSA enlists its Pronto Xi development team to work collaboratively with clients to achieve leading edge results. Whether a sophisticated highly complex solution or small modification, PSA has in-house development expertise to extend Pronto Xi software.

Strategically Selected Development Team
PSA development is conducted worldwide with offices located in Canada, USA, Mauritius, UK and Australia. We provide elite level customization through a team of highly skilled developers, many of whom have direct experience working with the Pronto Software development team.

Strict Adherence to Software Programming Guidelines
All development is performed following the PSA Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The development team adheres to the Programming Guidelines and Best Practices as defined by Pronto Software to provide consistency and uniformity in application development.

Development is approached with intense focus on ease of upgradeability. PSA develops using the best and most efficient method of achieving the desired outcome without changing the core software. Where a core software change cannot be avoided PSA consults with Pronto Software to implement exportable procedures to segregate custom code.

Leading Edge Technologies
PSA develops applications to standards set directly by Pronto Software. This includes:, BizTalk, HTML5, IBM Cognos, Java, Linux/Windows scripting, Pronto 4GL, SQL, VB.NET, as well as internal Pronto Xi tools like Alert, Data and Task Intelligence, TrueForms reporting, Avenue and more.

Structured Documentation
Development code adheres to strict documentation protocols to provide quick orientation for future development. In addition, all PSA projects begin with highly detailed specifications and culminate in comprehensive release notes that provide a complete picture of changes to the system.

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Custom ERP application development is a controversial topic in the ERP community. Find out what constitutes smart and controlled ERP customization and how ERP systems with built-in flexibility provide the most advantage in meeting your needs.

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