Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics for ERP

Understanding business intelligence requirements at the onset of an ERP software implementation is critical. Detailed BI definition ensures that the right transactional data is being recorded for summary, analysis and measurement. A well planned BI strategy will expose the true key performance indicators (KPIs) of an organization that support corporate objectives; bringing visibility to executives and team members for informed decision making.

PSA works with clients to design effective BI strategy. We translate masses of transactional data into practical, carefully selected business tools that support your KPIs – like dashboards, reports, alert notifications and data intelligence. Working towards easy-to-navigate, concise and accessible business intelligence ensures that management remains focused on what matters most to the future of the organization.

IBM Cognos Analytics Business Intelligence for Pronto Xi ERP - real-time accessibility to analytics and reports

Pronto Xi Mobile Business Intelligence using IBM Cognos Mobile for real-time anywhere access to analytics and reporting.

PSA assists companies through:

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